Dhanush Berelly

Vice President

Seven Hills HS


Educational Goals/College:

I plan  to attend The Seven Hills School as a senior and am looking to attend an undergraduate university on a pre-med route, and subsequently medical school.

Career Goals:

After graduation I am plan to pursue a career in medicine as a doctor. In addition, I am interested in the field of public health research and strategies to provide equitable healthcare to all people.

Notable School and Community Activities:

Founder of Nonprofit No Friend Left Behind – Providing and stimulating STEM education for students of all backgrounds (2022-2023)
Seven Hills Varsity Track & Field Captain (2020-2023)
Seven Hills Varsity Cross Country Runner (2020-2023)
Captain of Seven Hills Science Olympiad (2020-2023)
Presidential Gold Service Award (2022-2023)

Notable HOSA Activities and Accomplishments:

Region 6 Leadership Conference 2023; Public Health – 1st Place

Region 6 Leadership Conference 2023; Health Career Display – 2nd Place

Favorite Quote:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi