Esha Reddy

Vice President

William Mason – Great Oaks


Educational Goals/College:

I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine while also focusing on healthcare disparities and the role that our cultural and societal beliefs have on the decisions we make regarding our health. As of now, I am looking to attend a university located in the city such as New York University or Northeastern University.

Career Goals:

I hope to attend medical school and have a career as a physician.

Notable School and Community Activities:

Cadet Senior Master Sergeant (C/SMSgt) and Squadron Emergency Services NCOIC in the Civil Air Patrol

School cross-country team

Cincinnati 1N5 Youth Mental Health Innovation Challenge

Spanish National Honor Society

Play the violin

Notable HOSA Activities and Accomplishments:

CPR/First Aid competitive event – 1st at the Regional and State level for the past three years

International Leadership Conference – CPR/First Aid – 3rd

Chapter Secretary and President position

Favorite Quote:

“Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know” – La La Land